Through advocacy and active input toward the promotion of Regenesys, by supporting the Alumni Association Committee/sub-committees, you can make it count, and pay it forward by volunteering to serve. We will be launching this section of our Alumni website shortly

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How can I give back?

Through advocacy and active input toward the promotion of Regenesys, by supporting the Alumni Association Committee/sub-committees, you can make it count, and pay it forward by volunteering to serve on any one of these:

  • Advocacy and recruitment
  • Alumni careers and People-on-the-Move
  • Marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Research and publications    
  • Social media and networking
  • Fundraising and events


If you are part of the Alumni Association Committee, you will receive the following Alumni Association documentation:

  • The Constitution
  • Responsibilities of sub-committees
  • Minutes of previous meetings


What’s in it for me; why should I volunteer my services?

Mutual Motivation

With input from its alumni, Regenesys continues to produce highly motivated world-class leaders who make a meaningful impact on their communities.

The aim is to have a distinguished crop of Regenesys graduates each year, which would join and further energise a group of active, progressive alumni. The network aims to create a sense of belonging for members, fostering support and wellbeing, and you will be at the heart of this!


Being a privately funded institution, Regenesys has an increasing need to promote philanthropy in order to fund research and create a climate that encourages professional growth, expansion and sustainability. Your contribution will ensure this for the upcoming generations.

Continuous Improvement

It is important that Regenesys constantly improves its service delivery and understanding of the value that our programmes add to each student and client. Your feedback and input regarding our services, in the context of the environment we operate in: the changing needs of students, marketplace demands and expectations, is, therefore, invaluable.

Personal and Professional Growth

Your active participation in the alumni association; your support for any of the sub-committees, will benefit not only the current and coming generation of alumni, but it will also enhance your personal effectiveness in relation to serving on community or corporate boards.

Ranking Research Feedback

There are annual surveys run to determine the service and/or quality and impact of the different institutions that offer MBA on the workplace. We request that you become familiar with the nature of surveys and the questions you may be called upon to answer, should you be in the sample of the media doing this research.
A sample of the battery of survey questions is attached. Please click here


Recognition and affirmation of fellow alumni through coverage, listings and mutual invitation to pertinent events.We would greatly appreciate if you would kindly submit your new or updated email address so we can keep you updated on the latest Regenesys happenings.

Endowed Chairs for Research and Product Development

Companies can fulfil their corporate social responsibility and give back to the country, community and society by sponsoring small teams of academics to undertake in-depth research and product development within areas of need e.g. entrepreneurship, EQSQ leadership etc.

By endowing a chair, corporates pledge their commitment to the advancement of education and business in South Africa, Africa and the world.

Bequest Programme

The bequest programme is aimed at individuals and philanthropists who wish to impact the world through education by donating a portion of their wealth to the Foundation on their passing.

Help empower people across the globe and assist the Regenesys Foundation by endowing a chair, sponsoring a bursary or contributing funds to help us to continue providing free access to education worldwide.

The Regenesys Foundation’s specific fundraising objectives include:

  • Raising bursaries for students to enable widespread access to education
  • Raising funds for books and research on new programmes
  • Facilitate the expansion of Regenesys Free Business Education by offering more educational programmes
  • Facilitate expansion of research in new programme areas through the endowment of research fellows and staff
  • Facilitate the sustainability of Regenesys through alumni contributions and bequests


You can make a donation or volunteer your time.

Donating funds:

Simply enter the amount in South African Rands that you wish to donate and click on Pay Now. You will be directed to the PayFast secure payments page and asked to enter your personal details.

PayFast protects your privacy and security. View the PayFast policy here.

Please note: Credit card VISA payments are available for local and international students, EFT payments, instant EFT and Ukash payments are only available to South African donors.

You will be emailed a receipt to the email address you provide, from the Regenesys Foundation, once your payment has been processed. This receipt can be claimed from the South African Revenue Services as a tax rebate.


Donate funds to the Regenesys Foundation

Would you like to give back to the community and offer your services or time to help the Regenesys Foundation?

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