Welcome to the Regenesys Alumni Organisation

The Regenesys Alumni Association brings together graduates, students and staff to encourage active involvement in a rich community life through social, intellectual and educational activities. The alumni association’s vision is to inform, engage and inspire Regenesys alumni to stay connected to the business school, and to support Regenesys’ lofty vision of becoming a leading institution of management and leadership development in the world by 2020!


Pursue a wide range of learning opportunities through the Regenesys Alumni Association, including Masterclasses, Leadership Conversations and Leadership Discussion Panels. Click on the images below to book your lecture today

An opportunity to learn from industry experts as they present a lecture on current topics that matter

Join award winnig speakers and business leaders as they share their experience and knowledge on pertinent and current topics in business

Use the interactive opportunity to see business leaders descuss issues relevant to business in a vibrant pannel format


Sign Up to your Alumni orgnanisation’s website by registering. Fosters lifelong relationships, providing members with access to confidential forums, unequaled networking, extraordinary educational resources, and participation in special interest networks to empower each member’s personal leadership journey.

An opportunity to learn from industry experts as they present a lecture on current topics that matter


Through advocacy and active input toward the promotion of Regenesys, by supporting the Alumni Association Committee/sub-committees, you can make it count, and pay it forward by volunteering to serve. We will be launching this section of our Alumni website shortly

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